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जीवन एक फूल

हर फूल की एक कली है,
हर कली की एक टहनी है,
हर टहनी का एक पौधा अथवा वृक्ष है..
और एक वृक्ष अथवा पौधे का एक बीज अवश्य होता है ,जहां से उस सुंदर फूल के जीवन की उत्पत्ति होती हैं। उसी प्रकार से हमारा जीवन नामक फूल हमारे माता पिता व हमारे देश एव संस्कृति से उत्पन्न होकर महकता है।

_भावना पुंडीर

Life ‘ a flower ‘

Every flower has a bud,
every bud has a branch,
every branch has a plant or tree.
And there is definitely a seed of a tree or plant from where the life of that beautiful flower originates, in the same way, the flower called our life smells arising from our parents and our country and culture.

– Bhawana Pundir

Bhagat Singh…”Real Hero”


:-Bhagat Singh was born in 1907 to Kishan Singh and Vidyavati at Banga in the Lyallpur district of the Punjab Province.

:- His birth coincide with the release of his father and two uncles , Ajit Singh and Swarna Singh , from jail.

:- In 1923, Singh joined the national college in Lahore , where he also participated in extra-curricular  activities like the dramatics society.

:- He founded the Indian socialist youth organisation Naujawan Bharat Sabha in March 1926. He also joined the Hindustan Republican Association.

__   1931. __

:- 23 March 1931 was like any other day in Lahore jail.warden Charat Singh was very close to Bhagat Singh and other prisoners.He was very caring and humble.

:- Prisoners were devastated on hearing the sentence of Bhagat Singh and comrades. Bhagat Singh read various books and he was very much inspired by Lenin.

:- ” we shall meet soon” were the last word of Rajguru , Sukhdev and Bhagat Singh hugged each other , kissed the rope and hanged everybody was moved and cried at that moment.

:- But the jail authorities didn’t treat them well and threw their bodies on the bank of Sutlej river however bodies were discovered by villagers and proper cremation of heroes was made.

____Last song___

“Kabhi wo din bhi aayega.            Ke aazad honge hum                  Yeh apni zamin hogi                  Yeh apna aasman hoga.     Shahidon ki Chita par        lagenge har baar mele          watan par marne walo ka       yahi namo – Nishan hoga”

__Journey of a Hero__

:- He was very from his early childhood. He became a member of HRA in 1924 devastated by non-cooperation movement.

:- In 1927 he was first arrested in Kakori case. There was also a vaccum period after non cooperation and then the revolutionary grew.

:- Ideology was totally against the Congress however Nehru and Gandhi did not criticize Bhagat Singh.

:- Bhagat Singh also opposed dominion independence and demanded poorna swaraj that is total independence.

Killing of Saunders

:- In 1928 , the British government set up the Simon commission to report on the political situation in India. Some Indian political parties boycotted the commission because there were no Indians in its membership.

:- when the commission visited Lahore on 30 October 1928. Lala Lajpat Rai led a march in protest against it. The superintendent of police, James A Scott , ordered the police to lathi charge. Rai died of a heart attack on 17 November 1928.

:- HSRA decided to avenge the death of Lala Lajpat Rai and made the whole plan but accidentally they killed John P. Saunders , an assistant superintendent of police , as he was leaving the District Police Headquarters in Lahore on 17 December 1928.

:- On 19 December 1928 , Sukhdev called on Durgawati Devi for help , which she agreed to provide. They decided to catch the train departing from Lahore to Bathinda on route to Howrah (Calcutta) early the next morning and escaped.

Anything for the country

:- Bhagat Singh rented a house in Agra and left Calcutta . Further strategies of HSRA were planned from this house .

:- Bhagat Singh was a very emotional person. He always believed that a man should not be devoid of feelings.

:- He thought that there is no political party or organization at present which could spark the revolution except Ghadar party

:- He also was totally against the Hindu Muslim hatred and considered them one.

To be continued……..

I have taken a part of a noble here…. (It’s Part-I)

– By Bhawana Pundir